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2020 Hyundai i10 (3rd Generation)

A decade ago the Hyundai i10 was one of the most popular and affordable small cars in many countries. However, at present it is not among the top selling cars. Many people who purchased the car continue to drive it.
It was the popular model but then suddenly the popularity dropped because of few negative feedback. It seems that the car was not fuel efficient as compared to other models of Hyundai. One of my friend haa Hyundai i10 but she keeps complaining about the fuel efficiency. It's very poor and makes it a costly affair in long run. Even there are not much buyers if you want to sell it second hand
There was no way this model was going to be popular for long because Toyota and Mitsubishi immediately swooped in to offer something in the same lineup with a better value proposition. Chinese brands that were cheaper were also a major competing factor that caused this Hyundai model to steadily lose popularity to the point that it didn't have any traction anymore.

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