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Acura MDX


This is a luxurious car and among the top-selling cars in the United States. It looks so elegant and durable. Its price, as usual costs a fortune. According to the source, Acura’s always been quietly offering solid luxury cars, but the company’s latest round of products deserves your attention. The MDX SUV can easily stand toe to toe with its key German rivals in terms of available features and interior refinement, and the Type S packs a hearty twin-turbo punch. Bonus points for Tiger Eye yellow paint. This is an awesome car and anyone who has bug pockets never hesitate to buy this luxurious car. Below is the image of Acura MDX. It's so gorgeous car.

When you consider that the Acura MDX offers you a panaromic sunroof and a heated seat, you can rightly say that it holds it's own even as it is less expensive than the German competition within it's range. Its interior spacing that can take up to 7 passengers is also a major plus.
I did not like the color of the car. If it was another color it would be better because it looks like a taxi with this yellow color. However, it seems comfortable to drive.

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