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Advantages of driving high cars in your location?


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Over here a lot of persons prefer buying high cars rather than lower ones, this is due to the nature of our roads. We have a lot of bad roads and even off roads. I have seen places with lots of good road but most people there still prefer buying high cars. What is the advantage?
Yes for Nigerians it is mostly about the potholes and the bad road that we have. Having a high car will help with easy navigation. For others they might just fancy high cars
Those higher cars can navigate rough terrains easily. They also have a bigger cargo capacity that can contain more things than smaller cars. Above all, when I drive my mom's Mercedes ML SUV, I tend to see more and have a better view of my environment than driving a corolla.
Higher cars are more suitable for older people because they find ease in going inside the car and stepping outside the car. They inspire a sense of security too because of it's higher position than a small sedan car.
In countries where the roads are very poor and dilapitated, there are some cars that wouldn't be ideal to be driven there. Take for instance, cars like Porsche and Lamborghini will have it's bumbers destroyed. The car might even hang in between the road being stuck. Anyways, I've never been a fan of smaller cars. SUVs have always been my favourite. This is why I'm driving Highlander 2019 model now.
SUVs are ideal here because the areas become flooded during a strong typhoon. Of course, it is preferable to configure your SUV in ways that will help make it flood-proof, such as fitting snorkels. Some people are putting waterproof floor mats and seat covers. There are many other ways to do it.
The thing is that higher cars can navigate rough terrains easily. I prefer higher cars as it would be easy to ride through these roads. Yes,They also have a bigger cargo capacity so that you can carry your load without going through much stress with your tyres.
High cars give a better view of the road. They are more suited for bad roads with bumps and potholes. Moreover most of these high cars are SUVs and MUVs. They are better with shock absorption on these bad roads. You feel more comfortable in them.

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