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BMW says goodbye to electric cars


Most likely, electric cars will not anymore reach fully to my country and other countries because of the plans of the manufacturers. According to a recent report from Information Trends, hydrogen engines are likely to become the future of automobile transportation. The primary focus of the manufacturer is on zero-emissions car manufacturers, while hydrogen vehicles were relegated to the background. The electric vehicle companies’ goal is to make them the dominant player by 2030, but it appears that hydrogen engines also want a cut of the market share. Hydrogen cars are similar to Electric Vehicles but they have an electrochemical device known as a hydrogen fuel cell that emits only water vapor, which is a huge advantage in the competition for the most sustainable vehicle. About 15,000 hydrogen cars were on US roadways and all of them are located in California. I have not yet driven an electric car and here comes now the latest news of hydrogen cars that may kill other car models and businesses. perhaps, this is introduced by AI. BMW aims to deliver hydrogen cars as soon as 2025.

The concept of hydrogen powered cars as amazing as it's potential benefits sound would take another 20 years to really have breath. The EV has been in the piping for this long and it is still yet to be mainstream. Hydrogen powered cars would also need to go through regulatory scrutiny by global organisations for years first to ascertain it's overall safety.
I may not favor to drive on hydrogen cars, lol. I have not yet seen personally an electric car and here comes now hydrogen cars. What an awesome world. Next time, they might manufacture Helium cars.
Yes hydrogen car will dominant the msrhet soon as they are trying to capture a larger portion of the market share.

Because Hydrogen cars are also like the Electric Vehicles but has hydrogen fuel for water vapor, it stands a huge chance in the market with other competition
I don't know how true this news is but I think this would be a major goof in the business approach of the car manufacturer. As a business, they have to follow trends and EVs are the next trends when it comes to cars. That's the next big thing with cars.
Personally, I believe that it's trend now is more on electric cars as every company is trying to work on their car development to move away from combustion engine to electric engine cars. I'm not sure if they are going to give more attention to hydrogen cars development for now.
Hydrogen cars appear to be a promising technology. I discovered that hydrogen vehicles had a longer driving range than electric vehicles. Electric vehicles must be recharged frequently, which can be inconvenient if you need to travel long distances every day. In terms of price, electric vehicles are less expensive than hydrogen cars.
Electric vehicles will be overtaken by Hydrogen cars. Hydrogen cars will be the answer to stop the emission of hazardous gas threats to people's health. The U.S. government will share capital in billions for the manufacture of hydrogen cars. In fact , Toyota says goodbye to EVs.

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