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Do you prefer the vintage or modern Volvos?

Vintage Volvos, recognized for their reliability, may not be as fast as their contemporary counterparts. They have smaller engines and lack the turbochargers present in newer Volvos. Fuel efficiency was not a top priority for older Volvos. In contrast, new Volvos excel in terms of performance, fuel efficiency, and sustainability. Which do you prefer, the vintage Volvo with its classic features or the new Volvo with its performance, fuel efficiency, and sustainability?
Am Definitely going to go with the modern ones. The vintage Volvo where great but compared to the modern designs we have now, they might seem a little bit awkward.
The Modern cars are very important for me because of their latest safety features, tech, and fuel efficiency. Plus, they're just more convenient as well.
While the vintage models of Volvos are really classic, I would really prefer the modern Volvos for it's practicality and the fact that the newer models address the car needs of a modern car users.

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