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Does Lexus redesign the GX?


Legacy Staff Member
2020 Lexus GX 460 updates kick the can down the road. It's an old SUV with some new tricks. The current generation of the Lexus GX was introduced in late 2009. Over the years, it's been given a couple refreshes, but its underpinnings and general design remain just about the same.
The GX40 has the same body on frame structure that of the 2009 Lexus GX model. There have been updates though on the software in the infotainment system, the engine and the interior of the car but the basic housing structure has remained largely unchanged.
The GX model has a defined clientele base that prioritizes ruggedity above anything else. That's why the basic design of 2009 that emphasized these characteristics has to be maintained even for the 2020 model.

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