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Electric vs Gasoline: Which is the best iption for you?

I saw the reviews on Tesla and I love it! The environmental benefits and the lower costs of operations got me . Plus, the performance is equally amazing as well. What's your recommendation?
The best option for me right now is gas, over here we do not have stable power supply, so having an electric would not really benefit me in anyway.
I do not have my own car yet, but I hope to buy an electric vehicle in the future. My decision to go electric comes from my desire to contribute to environmental conservation and reduce my carbon footprint. Electric cars are a sustainable and cost-effective solution that require less maintenance than regular vehicles. I am hopeful that as electric cars become more popular, the number of charging stations will grow, alleviating concerns about range anxiety.
I will choose gasoline cars. That's because gasoline cars have resale values. It is easier to sell your car if it is gasoline engine, electric cars do not have resell value, they are so expensive even when they are used cars, which makes them difficult to resell.
For me it's still gasoline cars, the infrastructure is even more adapted for petrol cars in the area where I live, also electric cars are more expensive in all aspects, so gasoline cars are better in my case.
It's hard for me to choose between the two because an electric car is more economical while a gasoline car is more convenient. I have somewhat changed my mind about electric cars due to the amount of hate and the fact that child labor is used in poor countries to make batteries. I prefer the hybrid, but between the two I'll choose the gasoline one
It's never a secret that the electric cars offer lots of benefits in terms of fuel efficiency and the reduced emissions too. I also know that it's important to consider your personal preferences and needs before making a choice.
For now, it is still gasoline cars. But in the next ten years, I think my preference would sway to electric cars when I have been able to build confidence on it to work efficiently and safely.

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