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Flat Engine Layout


Unlike the straight engine, a Flat engine has its cylinders placed horizontally. It is also known as the Boxer engine due to the piston movement. The boxer engine is balanced and by balance, we mean low vibrations due to the force created by the movement of the pistons. Another feature of the Flat Engine is its low centre of mass which improves the handling of the car. Compared to straight engines, Flat engines are expensive to manufacture and due to their wide shape are not preferred by many automotive manufacturers.

A typical example of a vehicle with a flat engine is Porsche 911. And that vehicle has one of the best handlings that can ever be found. Flat engines give a car a kind of handling that gives a driver total control and confidence.
Yes, that is right, this kind of flat engine and its piston movement can create balance. It also improved the handling of the car through its low center of mass.
Subaru is one car brand that loves to feature the flat engine layout on its cars. I once had the opportunity of driving an Impreza and I felt the car affords a driver greater control.
Flat engines differ from vertical engines in that their cylinders are positioned horizontally. This permits them to be air-cooled, which might be advantageous in some applications. Flat engines come in several configurations, such as flat-four, flat-twin, flat-eight, and flat-six. The Porsche 911, for example, is famed for its strong flat-eight engine, which allows for outstanding handling.
It is necessary to know that the design of the flat engine enhances the vehicle stability and handling . It is also important to understand that this type of engine layout offers more efficient cooling and this is what makes it very ideal for sport cars.

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