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Fuel-powered or electric-powered cars: which is better as a first car?


As we all know, electric cars are getting popular, and everyday people are showing interest in those cars, but I wonder if they are good as a first car for a person who has never owned a car before, will they be as good as fuel-running cars?
For a first car, it is surely the fuel powered vehicles that would do. Electric vehicles come with some complex management that a gasoline car as a first would help as a learning curve. B
For a first time car user, care must be taken to choose a car that is easier to maintain. And fuel cars are better in that respect since they have been around for ages. Trying to maintain an electric car might have too much complexity that a first time car user might not be able to put up with.
Fuel-powered cars, especially for a newbie like me. Electric cars come with many challenges, especially in terms of fast-charging infrastructure. However, I want an electric car five or ten years from now. Hopefully, there will be more fast-charging stations at that time.
Not just for the first time buyer, EV is good for all sorts of people. One of the main advantages of using EV is low maintained. The cost of using EV helps you save up to 95 percent of your energy cost. EV are comparatively expensive, but by the time you use it for a couple of years, you will be saving a lot of money
To put it in a simple manner, choosing between a fuel powered or electric powered car depend on various factors and from a perspective, fuel powered cars would offer you a familiar driving experience and that is why it is a practical choice for so many people. However, an electric power cars are becoming increasingly popular because of their environmental benefits.
I think even for a potential first time car owner, he or she must have been quite familiar with the fuel powered cars because it is the commonly used car. It would be pertinent for that to be the starting point till EVs become more popular and mainstream.
For now, it is fuel powered cars that is best for a first time car owner. I would say an EV car but the infrastructure for EVs are still in the pipeline and would surely stretch a first time car owner.
Based on my opinion , I think that the fuel-powered cars are the way to go for a first car. This is because they're generally cheaper to purchase and aside this , there are more fueling stations available as well.
Fuel powered cars should be the best. There are very fuel places to recharge these electric cars, this might be frustrating for a first time driver.with time people would start shifting to electric cars.

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