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Have you used any strategies for negotiating when purchasing a vehicle from a dealership?

When we bought our first car from a dealership many years ago, we were determined to get the best possible deal. As first-time buyers, we thoroughly researched the car we were interested in, paying close attention to its features and comparing prices across different dealerships. We made it a point to visit multiple dealerships to find the most competitive offers for the specific car model we had in mind, allowing us to negotiate from an informed position. Throughout the negotiation procedure, we maintained a polite yet assertive approach, understanding the value of being both respectful and firm in securing a favorable deal.
In our country, the manufacturer or the importer sets the price of a car. However, if you are a good negotiator, you can get some discounts. If you negotiate even better, you can even get free servicing for few years
Negotiating with dealerships can be very intimidating because I have been there. Based on my experience, I would say it's important to always advocate for yourself at the negotiation table .

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