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How long do you think lt would take for electric cars to be really mainstream?

King Belieal

At first, the idea of electric cars sounded so absurd. In fact, it was a complete impossibility. And at where we are today, electric cars is already a reality.

Be that as it may, electric cars are still yet to be adopted for mainstream usage.

Do your think that electric cars would ever go mainstream globally? How long from now do you think mainstream adoption of electric cars would happen?
I think when it comes to this aspect, we still have a long way to go. My country for example, we are still struggling with having a stable supply of electricity. Which means where to charge would be a problem.
Seeing how the market is evolving and how slow the adoption of electric vehicles is, I think at least 10 years to make them the most used vehicles, perhaps in less time if regulations evolve quickly and governments offer economic aid for their adoption.
In my opinion, the are three major issues with EV, one, the battery is expensive and is not very durable, two, EV are expensive, and three, EV do not have a good resale value, at least in my country. EV will become mainstream when the batteries are made better and the price is brought down.

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