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Is owning a car a necessity?

Owning a car is a necessity. We can reach our destination fast and with no hassle, unlike commuting. The kids will not also be late for their classes. They will also be safe.
Whenever there is a very good reason for you too buy a car, I believe that it is something that is worth it because that car will be serving a purpose. It is when you just buy a car because other people are buying it that it doesn't make any sense.
I owned a car at age 17. My dad bought me a car to practice and to find it easy to go to college driving. I already owned 4 cars. Surviving now are two, Honda and Suzuki.
Imagine you went out with your kids, and rain just suddenly fell. You definitely won't be able to find your way home because you can't go look for public transport with the kids under that rain. A car would have been very handy at that point to take you home. It is a personal need though to own a car.
We are into mid age and our children are now old to not depend on us for travel. When they were young, we were two car family. It was a necessity. Now, my workplace is at walkable distance and my husband gets a car and driver from office. Now, we have come down to one small car and we hardly use that any more.
Earlier, car was a necessity for me. I felt handicapped without it even for a day. But now I don't need it. For occasional travel, cabs and public transport is enough.
Owning a car is a necessity for businessmen. They cannot move fast without a car. What will happen if they commute or ride in a taxi? There will be delays and clients are aways in a hurry.
If you are living in the city, then it is a necessity to have a car. In my country, you can't survive without a car. If you are living in the capital, your home and your workplace will be a long distance away, so you need to drive in order to arrive on time.
To me, owing a car is more of a necessity than fun and cruise .But it also depends on an individual's immediately needs , interest and financial capabilities.

As for me, I drop and pick my kids to and fro school.

I go shopping
I go to church with my car

And I love to drive😊
So owing a car for me,is a necessity
In my opinion, owning a car is a necessity but it has to depend on individual circumstances and lifestyle. Based on my point of view, owning a car would provide convenience ,mobility and it will also give you independence especially when you live in area where there is limited public transportation.
I think it depends on each individual, for some it is a necessity, they have the capital to buy one and also have a need for it. For some, it might end up becoming a liability to them.
There is a level you get to and your life would be absolutely strained without a car. At that point, you should have a car as a matter of necessity. A lot of people can't still afford it though and they still manage.
Absolutely! In today's world, having a car is very essential because you need it for getting around. This is essential especially if you live in a rural area.
Having a vehicle is indeed beneficial, especially during an emergency that might occur in the middle of the night. A cab may be hard to find in the middle of the night.
Imagine a situation where someone is about going into labour in the middle of the night and there is no car, it's going to be very stressful and the pressure would be doubled.
Owning a car is a necessity. We can reach our destination fast and with no hassle, unlike commuting. The kids will not also be late for their classes. They will also be safe.
I completely agree with this, having a car would make movement a lot easier and faster. You won't have to wait for long at the bus station or any public transport places.
No, I don't think it's a necessity, but it helps a lot especially if you have to travel for work, also if you live in a remote area or need it daily to transport loads, a car is a good tool for a lot of things.
It is not possible to give an answer in plain Yes, or No. It all needs on your lifestyle. If you have enough money to afford and maintain the car, if you need to frequently travel, I think a car would be a necessity. For me car is more of a luxury.

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