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The cost of car batteries


New member
With the current state of the economy, there have been an increase in the price of almost everything, what is the current price for Car batteries?
There are different types of car batteries in Nigeria we have Diamond,Everstart, Solite.
Hankook. etc. They comes with their prices which a lot of times range from $100- $500 which depends on the type you are buying abd where you are buying from.
We have three grades of car battery in my country. The standard car battery which costs $37. We have the maintenance free car batteries. And they cost $50. The premium grade car batteries are sold at $70. And each higher grade is better than the other in durability.
Batteries come in different capacities and quantities. As it stands today, the price of quality and standard battery can range form $80 -$400. Am not knowledgeable enough about batteries and their quality range but the price difference showed that the qualities varies.
Most cars in my own country now use Lithium Ion battery. They are very efficient and last long but they don't come at a cheap. They cost $300 in my country. When you compare that to the lead acid battery that costs $80, you would understand the difference. But the Lithium Ion car battery gives you peace of mind.
The Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are the most used car batteries in my part of the world. They cost $220 as at my last replacement. Gel batteries are few and far apart in my country because they are expensive at $500 for most car owners to afford.
There are 6 different types of battery that my Toyota Highlander 2019 model makes use of. Their prices ranges from around $214.99 to $295.99. So, everything depends on which brand that you want to make use of. Generally, the kind of car that you're driving determines what kind of battery it's going to use and its cost.
The last time I checked, it was Php 4,000. It could be more, especially if the car battery is from a well-known manufacturer. Furthermore, the capacity plays an important part in deciding the price of a car battery.

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