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Third Party Auto Shopping Sites

There are other upcoming third parties sites , one of which I know well of is Carvana .Carvana allows you select any car you want online and have it delivered to you in due time and you can also pick it up depending on you and your location. It has a 100 days warranty or 4189miles.

I know very well that the third party auto shopping sites are very helpful especially when it comes to shopping for cars because they streamline their process to provide wide range of options. They are sites that has advance fillters which will allow users to make their choices based on their budget.
I don't buy cars online. That's because before I buy I need to see it myself, I need to feel it, I need to try it. Therefore, I don't just order online. However, when it comes to doing research on car models and car prices, I always like to go to the official sites.
I do not buy a car online, it is very delicate. I do not know how they install the spare parts and how legit are they too. They might replace the original with second - hand spare parts especially the engine.
I prefer to go to the physical dealership location instead of buying online. However, if it is necessary not to go physically, I would prefer shopping at CarGurus. I believe they carry both new and pre-owned vehicles so there are more options.
I don't usually buy cars online, but in my country, the most popular ones are Autohero, Wallapop and also the international brand Ebay, I think the latter is the most popular today.

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