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To drive or to be driven ?


I love driving ..
It's therapeutic to me.
It heals my soul.

Most times, my spouse pays me to drive him to work and backšŸ˜Š

Being driven is stress to me.
It It gives me palpitations.
See me matching on my imaginary breaks from my passenger seatšŸ˜Š

Do you love to drive like me? Or you love being driven like my spouse
I am yet to learn to drive but everytime I am on the passenger seat it calms my soul. I like seeing beautiful scenery.
I would prefer driving myself, unless I am too tired or there is a reason why I can't drive. Am the type that prefer doing things myself as long as I can do it.
It depends on my mood. If am emotionally depressed, i don't like to drive because i may lack concentration. Therefore, my mood depends whether i will like to be driven or to be driving. On happy mood, i love to be driving while playing my favorite music.
I am a control freak and would love to be in control of my cruise. The only reason why I would be driven is when a more experienced person opines to drive and on public transportation. But I won't still feel comfortable being driven.
As far as I can tell, the choice varies with individual preferences and lifestyle. However, the choice ultimately comes down to the individual circumstance as well.
I am not able to drive, but I am really looking forward to the experience one day. I currently depend on someone else to drive for me. It is quite comforting to have someone else take the wheel, but I imagine the experience of driving myself would be even more fulfilling, especially since I have never had the opportunity to do so before.
It depends on how long is the distance, where I am going, how is the traffic, etc. I do not like to drive in a heavy traffic, I like to drive in a long country road. I cannot drive for many hours, I like to be driven when the distance is very long
It depends on the day, but I generally prefer to drive myself as I like it more, the feeling of driving relieves me sometimes, when I don't feel like driving it is more comfortable for me to be driven
It's worth noting that the advancements in autonomous driving technology have made driving much more convenient and very appealing too, especially in the urban areas with the heavy traffic

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