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Toyotas most fuel-efficient vehicles.


1. Toyota Prius (First Generation, 1997-2003):
- A groundbreaking model in hybrid technology, the Toyota Prius first generation achieved an outstanding fuel efficiency of approximately 23 kilometers per liter, marking a significant leap in eco-friendly driving.

2. Toyota Yaris (Third Generation, 2005-2011):
- Known for its compact size and frugal engine, the Toyota Yaris third generation achieved an impressive fuel efficiency of around 20-22 kilometers per liter, offering exceptional mileage in a subcompact package.

3. Toyota Corolla Hybrid (Recent Generations):
- The Toyota Corolla Hybrid, representing modern fuel-efficient driving, delivers an estimated fuel efficiency of approximately 25-27 kilometers per liter, showcasing a remarkable balance of performance and economy.

4. Toyota Aqua/Prius c (2011-present):
- The Toyota Aqua, also known as the Prius c in some markets, is a compact hybrid model offering exceptional fuel efficiency, achieving an estimated mileage of around 33-35 kilometers per liter, emphasizing efficient urban driving.

5. Toyota Camry Hybrid (Recent Generations):
- The Toyota Camry Hybrid, as part of its recent model generations, combines midsize comfort with impressive fuel efficiency, providing an estimated mileage of around 18-20 kilometers per liter, marking it as one of the most fuel-efficient midsize hybrid sedans.
No car brand can actually compete with the technology that Toyota deploys to ensure that their cars are fuel savers and at the same time are not lacking in power and performance. Great stuff from them.
Toyota is the brand that has the best range of hybrid cars on the market in my opinion, it has focused a lot on this aspect to be the leader of these vehicles, and the move has paid off, its cars are very efficient in terms of fuel consumption
When you look at the Toyota Corolla Hybrid, you would understand what it means for a car to be fuel efficient. The model is shy in it's fuel sipping capabilities. And it has good range for it's exclusive electric cruise.

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