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Volvo Tundra


Volvo Tundra's rear-side window had a pulled-down top edge, an idea that was also seen on the BX C-pillar. The effect was of a floating roof, a design idea that would become popular in the 2010s. The car featured a digital speedometer and was powered by a 1.4-litre, four-cylinder engine, giving 70 PS (51 kW). There are many people in my place driving Volvo cars. They are good-looking cars and highly dependable. It looks elegant car.

I like cars with a floating roof, it just adds to the uniqueness. Overall, the design is great. It's portable.
The color on the picture seems to me so much luminous color so I prefer the dark version of this color and not the light one.
I have never heard of a Volvo Tundra. Even a Google search doesn't produce sufficient results to suggest the existence of such a model. Only ever heard of Tundra from Toyota.

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