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What unforeseen expenses have you faced as a car owner?

My father is a car owner, and over the years, he has faced a variety of unexpected expenses related to his car. These include the inconvenience of flat tires, the hassle of minor car repairs, and the frustration of receiving a ticket violation. On one occasion, we found ourselves in an unfamiliar place, and due to his lack of knowledge about the local streets and roads, my dad accidentally drove onto a road where cars were prohibited. This resulted in a ticket violation being issued by a traffic enforcer. What unforeseen expenses have you faced as a car owner?
I do not know how it goes in other countries but in our country, you need to pay parking fees and you pay per hour. Well, there are of course free parking areas, but these are so limited that you end up using paid parking and have to pay a lot of money
When a car unexpectedly breaks down in the middle of the road, it is always so embarrassing because you turn out to be an inconvenience for other motorists and road users.

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