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What's the best car for a road trip?

Based on my experience, to he Subaru Outback or Ford Explorer is perfect for road trips for me . It has plenty of space, good fuel efficiency, and they are also very rugged vehicle. What's your take?
I would say that the Toyota Sienna is also very good for road trips, especially when the trip is on African terrain. If you service it well before the trip, chances of a Sienna disappointing you is almost zero.
When it comes to a road trip, I think I will also go with a Toyota sienna. It's spacious enough to contain more people, it also have enough space for more load. The speed is also pretty okay.
I have to say, it is the Toyota Vios. Our family owns one, and we use it for our road trips. It is fuel-efficient and reliable. We have been using it for over 5 years, and so far, we have not had any problems. Regular maintenance helps avoid major issues, without a doubt.
It depends on what kind of road trip you are going on. If you are going on off road, I think Hilux is one of the best options. Jeep is also very good for off road trip. Another best option would be Hummer. Interestingly these are also good if your trip is not off road.
There are many very good cars for road trips, I, for example, could recommend the Renault Captur which I have done many trips of more than 600kms with it and it has not given problem and its driving is very pleasant.

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