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What's the most important feature to consider when buying a car?

For me, I make sure to look at the safety features like the airbags, lane departure warning, and the blind spot detection. With this , you would definitely put a price on peace of mind for yourself.
This is surely different strokes for different folks. But I would personally consider costs above all and that encompasses costs of maintenance and costs if fuelling the car.
It depends, this is usually different for each individual. For some it is usually the engine, this is their main focus, then we have does who focus on design more than anything else. Then there are does who after the security system.
For me, the cost of maintenance and fuel consumption are the first things I look at when I want to buy a new car, and then the next thing would be the safety of the car.
I look for mileage. If the car consumes a lot of fuel, it will be too costly to maintain. The second important feature I look is ground clearance. I frequently go on off road, so I need a good ground clearance.
In my case, the most important factors are the engine and fuel consumption. We live in challenging times and need to find ways to save money. Therefore, I am looking for a car with a durable engine and good fuel efficiency. With the constantly increasing prices of gas and diesel, it is indispensable for me to have a quality, fuel-efficient car.

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