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What's the most reliable car brand out there?

Based on my experience, I've owned Toyotas for years and I have never had any major issues. My Corolla has lasted for 200,000 miles and there was no significant repairs. Additionally , I've heard great things about Lexus too, which is equally owned by Toyota. Do you have experience with these brands?
I think it depends on various factors like the location and so on. Over here I believe it's the Toyota. If is a lot easier to find people who can repair them and also get the spare parts, this makes the brand very reliable.
We both own Honda and Toyota cars, and we have found both brands to be highly reliable. As Japanese car manufacturers, they have built a strong reputation for reliability. According to the 2023 Consumer Reports, Toyota has claimed the top spot for reliability, while Honda has earned a place in the top five.
I think Toyota is the most reliable brand. The cars manufactured are good for newbies as well as experienced drivers. They are comparatively cheaper, the are comparatively easier to maintain, and they are also fuel efficient.
Toyota is one of the most reliable as other users are saying, and I corroborate it, another brand that is very reliable that I would add is Renault, also Hyundai, these three brands are very reliable.
When I was choosing a car, I wanted a reliable car, but very cheap. For me, there were two such options: Volkswagen Golf 4 and Honda Civic 2006-2009. I bought a Honda and it was a very reliable car for me for a long time and it remains so, but I had to sell it due to financial problems

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