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Would you feel safe in a driverless car?


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Over the years, there have been lots of upgrades and evolutions when it comes to the invention of cars, from rechargeable cars to smart cars that do not actually need a driver. Would you feel safe in a car that runs without a driver? Personally I don't think I would feel safe, not that I don't trust the car, but I don't trust the other drivers around me. Most of them do not follow basic driving rules, and not to mention we have a lot of bad roads.
Well, if everything is put in place for me to have a smooth ride in it then I will be good to go. I like to relax and just be driven and it would be a good opportunity for me to enjoy this
It is not only cars having driverless, there is also a train. I rode on a train in Malaysia going to the airport and was wondering where the driver was only to realize it was manned by a computer. So if you ride in a car, the systems are set through a computer.
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The proponents of driverless cars have done quite a lot to ensure the safety of driverless cars. With technology like the radar which uses sensors to detect any obstructing objects from a long distance and steer away from it to the LiDAR technology which is a set of see in and see through lamps that enables driverless cars to see irrespective of weather conditions.

I would comfortably commute in a driverless car.
When you imagine that driverless cars can automatically call emergency in cases of an accident, it inspires confidence for you to cruise in such a vehicle without fear. Add that to VTX technology that driverless cars use to interact with each other on transit to manage traffic flow, one can't help but be confident of riding in a driverless car.
Personally, I have always have an eye for one of those Telsa self driving electric cars. My target right now is their latest invention with the Cybertruck. At the moment, I wouldn't use their self driving features until I can fully trust them not malfunction.
I don't think I'll feel completely safe traveling in a driverless car. Not that I do not trust cutting-edge technology, but I do not fancy the idea for the time being. I need to ensure its safety first.
Yeah this is the fear for every one. I think with time everyone would start trusting it to give one the safety we need. But until then we just have to see how it goes to take an informed decision.
Seriously, the trust on a driverless car would not come very easy to me. I am stil not
comfortable with drivers who are not focused on road and do multitasking while driving. I think that the chances of error would be less when it comes to machine ( computer) driven cars. But still it would take time for someone like me to feel comfortable with the concept. Especially in places where roads are bad and traffic is huge, I can't trust on a machine's instinct

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