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Vehicle May Have Sold

The following vehicle was included in our database as being for sale but was recently removed.



VIN: 4M2CU56Z66KJ00423

It was either taken off the market temporarily or was sold.

Model info:

The Mercury Mariner is a compact crossover SUV sport utility vehicle sold under the Ford Motor Company. Mariner is a re-badged Ford Escape and identical twin of the Mazda Tribute. All three are basically the same exact truck although the Mariner is more upscale than the other two. Small crossover SUVs like the Mercury Mariner represent a near perfect compromise between compact sport utility trucks and larger SUVs. As a twin of the Escape, the Mariner CROSSOVER SUV uses all the same features as its relatives adding subtle styling differences inside and out. The model has an average reliability rating of 4.5 out of 5.0, with 90% of the owners recommending the vehicle.

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