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Vehicle May Have Sold

The following vehicle was included in our database as being for sale but was recently removed.

Make: SAAB

Model: 900

VIN: YS3DD58B2W2014853

It was either taken off the market temporarily or was sold.

Model info:

The Saab 900 is now considered a classic car model that was produced by the Swedish automaker Saab from 1978 to 1998. It was a compact executive car available in various body styles, including a two-door coupe, four-door sedan, and convertible. The Saab 900 was known for its distinctive design, engineering innovations, and strong performance. It featured a front-wheel-drive layout, which was uncommon at the time for luxury cars, and was powered by a range of engines, including turbocharged options that provided excellent power and torque. One of the notable features of the Saab 900 was its aerodynamic design, with a sloping front end and a curved windshield. This design, combined with other aerodynamic elements, resulted in a low drag coefficient, contributing to good fuel efficiency and high-speed stability. The Saab 900 was also recognized for its advanced safety features. Saab was one of the pioneers in automotive safety, and the 900 incorporated innovations such as a reinforced passenger compartment, crumple zones, and a comprehensive safety cage.

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