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Make: PONTIAC | Model: GTO | VIN: 6G2VX12U15L423643

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Model info:

The Pontiac GTO is a legendary muscle car that was produced by General Motors under the Pontiac brand from 1964 to 1974. It was designed to be a high-performance vehicle that offered a thrilling and powerful driving experience. The GTO was based on the Pontiac Tempest and was powered by a range of V8 engines, including a 389-cubic-inch engine and a 455-cubic-inch engine. It was available with both manual and automatic transmissions, and was known for its responsive handling and impressive acceleration. The GTO was known for its classic and muscular design, with a long hood, short deck, and distinctive split grille front end. It was available in a range of colors and options, including a Judge package that featured performance upgrades and special styling features. Although the original GTO was discontinued in 1974, the nameplate was revived in 2004 with a new model that was based on the Holden Monaro, a performance car produced by General Motors Australian subsidiary. The new GTO featured a modern design and was powered by a 5.7-liter V8 engine that was capable of producing up to 350 horsepower. The Pontiac GTO remains a sought-after collectible car among driving enthusiasts and car collectors, with many fans of the original model considering it to be one of the most iconic and significant muscle cars of all time.

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